Eagle shot hovering over Ushuaia National Park. I’m not sure of the species (maybe a Variable Hawk) if anyone could enlighten me that would be great.

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  • Pyeman

    on March 6, 2016  5:52 pm

    You can't cut and paste other people's photos and then claim there your own.
    I reckon yours sat in a garage in dunno somewhere like Mexborough with photoshop running. ..FAKE.

    • Jamie

      on March 6, 2016  10:27 pm

      Hah ha thanks I'll take that as a compliment. I can assure you it's all my own work.

  • Rod Rolt

    on April 15, 2016  6:02 pm

    Great shot Jamie, only just picked it up. Wish I could ID it. What camera are u using . The Nepal kingfisher is a stork billedI think, you will have to look at my reference books on return. C u. Rod

    • Jamie

      on April 15, 2016  10:12 pm

      Hi Rod,
      Thanks, I'm using a Sony A7Rii camera now although this was shot with a Nikon D810 DSLR.

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