Thar Desert Kalbelia

 Thar desert Kalbelia

Thar Desert Kalbelia

I encountered these two girls while trying to take landscape shots. They are Kalbelia a nomadic people from the Thar Desert, Rajasthan, India. When I was eyeing the landscape shot up there seemed to be no one on sight, then out of seemingly nowhere these two popped up. They were convinced I had chocolate on me and kept pointing to my bag. They were pointing to my toothbrush and deodorant, I eventually gave them all my toiletries in exchange for a photograph (I had a spare toothbrush.)

The Kalbelia are also referred to as Sapera, Jogira or Jogi are known for their dance. Just searching for “Thar Gypsies” brings up some really interesting photographs on Google Images.  I have some more video and pictures of the Kalbelia that I’ll follow up on and post later. More on the Kalbelia from the Wikipedia page.

On travelling through India I became intrigued by the variety of different peoples and cultures as I take a keen interest in anthropology. Rajasthan being one of the richest places in terms of variety of cultures with the possible exception of Orisha region throughout India.

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