The Temple of the Rats

 The Rat Temple

The Rat Temple

The Temple of the Rats or Karni Mata Temple as its known locally is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Karni Mata at Deshnoke, 30 km from Bikaner, in Rajasthan, India. The temple is famous for the approximately 20,000 black rats that live, and are revered in, the temple. Eating food that has been nibbled on by the rats is considered to be a “high honor”. If one of them is killed, it must be replaced with one made of solid silver. The Wikipedia page gives more details on the Karni Mata Temple and of the legend surrounding it.

The Temple is just covered in rats coming out of every direction running across your feet (bare feet that is as your in a temple.) I wasn’t brave enough to eat food that a rat had nibbled although I did feed them by hand and had them running over my feet and up my leg.

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