Village Women of Odisha

. Village Women of Odisha

A village women walks through the fields with her carrying basket. The village this was taken is located in the Laxmipur Pottangi Range which is in the Odisha or Orissa region of India on the east side of the sub continent. Driving through the Odisha inland region was such a great experience with some amazing scenery. I found the way of life to be very laid back. A refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of the sometimes crazy Indian cities.

The Women of Odisha

The people of the villages have a simple way of life. Saying that all the people I met seemed very happy and content. What grabbed me the most about this region was that the women would dress slightly different to the others I had seen throughout India. Wearing saris (traditional Indian dress for women) looser with no sleeves and more of the midriff exposed. Perhaps this is because of the intense heat.  The older women also tend to have several piercings through their noses particularly the part between their nostrils. I also noted that ankle bracelets were very common here as well.

 Odisha Women

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