Busy Tram Lines in Kolkata

 Tram crossing Kolkata

Busy Tram Lines in Kolkata

The roads are so busy around the Terreti Bazzar, Kolkata (Calcutta.) People come at you from all angles at this tram crossing. I’m amazed at how some of the old trams still function but they do. As with the railways in India the old equipment carries on seemingly forever with the people hurried working around it.

This was my last day in India. So this will be my last post on India for some time. I thought that once I had spent my three months travelling around India I wouldn’t want to come back for some time. How wrong I was. I totally fell in love with India and can’t wait to return.

Happy New 2017 to all! To kick off the new year I’m going to be posting my pictures of my time in Australia.

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