Cleaning Mandu the Ruined City

 Cleaning Mandu the Ruined City


A Woman Cleaning

A woman cleaning Mandu the Ruined City with a traditional handmade broom. This was a HDR shot using 3 shots at -1 0 +1 EV. I love how the women in India dress in more traditional clothes with such bright colours. In this shot I like how her colours overpower the surroundings but not by too much.

More on Mandu

Mandu the ruined city is in the present-day Mandav area of the Dhar district. It is located in the Malwa region of western Madhya Pradesh, India, at 35 km from the Dhar city. In the 11th century, Mandu was the sub division of the Tarangagadh or Taranga kingdom . This fortress town on a rocky outcrop about 100 km (62 mi) from Indore is celebrated for its fine architecture.

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