Giant Pumpkins and Yurts on Naoshima Art Island

Giant Pumpkins on Naoshima Art Island

Giant Pumpkins and Yurts on Naoshima Art Island

Here’s a shot of one of the many giant pumpkins dotted around Naoshima Art Island. The Island itself is home to many outdoor sculptures and contemporary art Museums. The island is a arty persons dream. There’s even a James Bond museum, inspired by the island’s use as one of the settings for the 2002 Bond novel The Man with the Red Tattoo by Raymond Benson. The island is a town administratively part of Kagawa District, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan located in the Seto Inland Sea. There are many ways to get around bike or by bus. We mainly took the bus. There’s also a free shuttle bus to take you to the museums.

Imagine the shock I got when this popped up on my phone during a visit to one of the museums.

Staying in a Yurt

On the Island we stayed in a Yurt at a place called Tsutsuji-so see map below. It’s located right by the beach quite comfortable and a fun place to stay.

Photo of the Yurt we stayed in.


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