Khajuraho – The Erotic Temples – WARNING – parental advisory explicit content

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho, Erotic Temples of India – WARNING – parental advisory explicit content. The temples are famous for there amazingly intricate erotic sculptures. As well as being intricately detailed there are so many of them as you can see from the photographs. It’s hard to take your eyes off them. From a time when Indian society was much more liberal and sex was celebrated.

It’s worth spending at least half a day walking around the temples, we also had a guide to explain some of the interesting details to us. The group of monuments are one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India more info on Wikipedia, they are also featured in an article from the Indian Times as one of the more unusual temples to visit in India.

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  • Adam

    on April 22, 2016  10:06 am

    And after your full days observations...did you make a swift retreat to the hotel to cool down and reflect!!!! Amongst other things..

  • Jamie

    on April 22, 2016  10:31 am

    Indeed with a cool bottle of Cobra ;-)

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