Nonbei Yokocho (‘Drunkard’s Alley’) Tokyo

Nonbei Yokocho

Nonbei Yokocho (‘Drunkard’s Alley‘)

Strictly speaking the shot above is one of the exits from Nonbei Yokocho (‘Drunkard’s Alley‘.) I found the alley super hard to find even though I was staying not far from there. I must have walked past it several times on the way home. Tucked away in the Shibuya district it contains rows of tiny bars with some only seating up to 4 people. Dating back to the early 1950s, popular Yakitori shops and similar eateries rule the alley. I’m 6’3″ and barely fit in the seats in the place we visited. It’s a great experience and I thoroughly recommend it.



Drinkards Alley Entrance

Nonbei Yokocho (‘Drunkard’s Alley’) Entrance

For those of you who are lost heres a link to it on Google Maps. Look out for the lanterns in the pic above.

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