The Walk Down to Peveril Castle

The Walk Down to the Peveril Castle

It’s been a while since I posted on the blog as I’ve been visiting friends and family back in the UK. Lots of eating and drinking and really bad internet connection has stopped me posting. Anyway to start the New Year I thought I’d post some of my England photos from around the Peak District National Park.

There is a great walk that starts at Castleton, Derbyshire loops around bringing you back into Castleton via a stream around the back of the castle. The view a top the castle of Hope Valley are stunning all the way around.

The ruins of Peveril Castle stand out above the pretty village of Castleton in the heart of Derbyshire’s Peak District. Mentioned in the Domesday survey, Peveril Castle is one of England’s earliest Norman fortresses. The keep was built by Henry II in 1176.

A climb to the castle at the top of the hill to enjoy the breathtaking views over the Hope Valley is a highlight of a day out in Castleton but don’t forget a stop at the pub on the way down.

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