White Throated Kingfisher

I took a safari style jeep ride through Nepals Chitwan National Park where I spotted lots of wildlife. It was hard to get a good shot of most of the animals they were very elusive. ThisWhite Throated Kingfisher stayed still just long enough to be caught on camera.

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  • Clare

    on March 11, 2016  10:36 pm

    Amazing Jamie. Love seeing the pictures from your travels xx

    • Jamie

      on March 11, 2016  10:39 pm

      Thanks Clare that made my day!

  • Rod Rolt

    on April 17, 2016  9:07 am

    White throated kingfisher Jamie

    • Jamie

      on April 17, 2016  9:11 am

      Thanks Rod! I'll update the post. :-)

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